I Went Outside, I Could Hear The Houses Breathing, They Were Alive

by Paragraphs

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Miff Morris
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Miff Morris There so many beautiful strains of hope & determination strewn amongst this stricking concept album. I do not know if that was a conscious or unconscious element to the compositions but after absorbing in its entirety i come away with the feeling that this album most certainly owns strong healing qualities as the instrumentation reaches deep into the heart and mind, in an empowering way and allows anyone who embraces it to understand the positivity of creative expression. Favorite track: I Can't Do This.
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Junii *10 seconds into the first track*

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I went outside, I could hear the houses breathing, they were alive: a concept album about depression.

This album features ambient interludes, post-rock crescendos, and hazy shoegaze passages presented in a disorienting cloud of reverb and finished with a raw lo-fi edge.

This album is probably the closest I will come to explaining what it feels like to suffer from depression.


released January 1, 2017

Cover design-Amy Naylor



all rights reserved


Paragraphs England, UK

Music by a man who can't stick to a genre for more than one album.

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Track Name: I Couldn't Do Anything Quietly
I want to talk
But I've got nothing to say

I want to walk
But everywhere looks the same

I want to love
But all I feel is pain

I want to leave
I do not want to stay

Forever forgotten
Track Name: Nothing Will Ever Get Better
There's no way out from here
And I'm falling apart my dear

The gears turn slowly
But they crush down on me

True happiness comes from inside
I'm too empty too feel it

I only want to know how it feels
Track Name: I Can't Do This
So what's the point?
In laying out the cards and keeping score?
Cause it will be
Always the same mess it was before

I have tried a million times
But nothing seems to satisfy
I fill the void i have inside
But nothing fills my appetite.

So why go on?
There's only gonna be more problems
To hold me back
Another sleepless night panic attack
And I can't breath
When somebody looks up and talks to me

Whats the point?
Why go on?
Track Name: I Do Not Want To Be Saved (Anymore)
I feel bad
On my own
I never get
Anything done

My heads a mess
I'm down in the dumps
It seems I'm
not good enough

I do not want to be saved

And I'm always sad
And I don't often get out of bed
And I'm always down
But I'm always around

I do not want to be saved anymore

And I feel bad
All the time

And I hate my life
And I hate myself

And I do not want to be saved
Track Name: This Feels Right
I've seen it all now
So what's the point in moving on?
How can I smile?
when everything feels wrong

I'm so cold
But I cannot shake anymore
It's getting harder to hold on.

I'm so sad
But I cannot cry anymore
It's getting harder to hold on

This feels right

I'm getting weaker and I collapse in a heap
I'll let the sadness carry me to sleep

I'm so cold
But I cannot shake anymore
It's getting harder to hold on.

I'm so sad
But I cannot cry anymore
It's getting harder to hold on

This feels right
I'm ready to let go
Track Name: Everyone I Love Will Die
Everyone I love will die
Everything I love will fade away
We are rocks and dust and stars and rotting leaves
We will waste away and burn and atrophy
Everything I worked so hard to achieve will disappear
And even my grave will wear to dust
The strings that hold this melody will rust
And in a hundred thousand years
No one will know I was ever here

The sun will burn out the sky
The sea will freeze and the animals will die
There'll be rocks and dust and stars and dying trees
There'll be no war or hate or famine or disease
Everything we worked so hard to achieve will disappear
All of our buildings will collapse
And our kingdoms will fall into ash
In a hundred million years no one will know we were ever here.

Everyone I love will die