Acerb - False

by Acerb

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released April 23, 2017

Instruments & Production by Paragraphs:

Vocals, Lyrics & Artwork by Joey Van Der Kaaij:



all rights reserved


Paragraphs England, UK

Music by a man who can't stick to a genre for more than one album.

Check out my Facebook page for updates and stuff.

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Track Name: False
Cooleant leakage Damaged cleavage Rustnails Rottweiler Cry wolf and burn

Looking for a job, hunt and gather Click, click, click Submachine marthyr -Rich, rich, rich

Fuck Quartz It's for kids Rob them of their wives and rape that bitch

Mind your own fucking bis-niss Are you sane? What has gotten into you lately

As long it's no horror Baseball bat meets skull Fucking full day of work for a lump of coal

Killing goat A shitty piece of wood stuck in a hole

Weak in the knees Enemeny

*Fuck Quartz Fuck kids Gauge the eyes Re-sort cheap tricks

Get out of their minds Comedy became real

You work in retail? Shut up you cunt Too much det-ails
Track Name: Spiral Fracture
Twilight made the morse code look bleak
If you would compare it with the people of El Dorado
The tub
Sprained ankles and bruised necks
If you consider getting into that car
Think again

The horse can figure out the route on its own - just go to sleep already
Catherine Wheel
You will be lonely
You will howl like a dog as you walk alone
You will carry dog shit cupped in your hands

You'll have to drink both of them
As the man gets off the with his suitcase and tennis rackets.
A baggage man with baggage truck passes
Heretics fork
Don't be alarmed -- but I must talk to you about your son.

Look what she did with the owl
She made it sing beautifully
Neck torture
Pictures of convicts lined up behind a huge display of medieval tools for torture
Lead sprinkler

It must be able to take on some of the characteristics of the animal it grows in
Dozens of monks swarm across the countryside like ants on a
mound of spilt sugar
Pitchforks out!
Judas cradle
bash the heads in with our wiffle bats
Judas cradle
Hanged, Drawn and Quartered

You called it certainty. I called it the woolly mammoth
Spanish Donkey
To kill a king with 27 rifles and miss
Crocodile Shears
That cats can howl at the cow like a dog to the moon

Feverish opium dreams of palace walls lined with black marble
Rope torture
The mobsters blink for a moment, Then find all the dogs bunched together in a corner
Trying to find an exit

Like a cat howling to the cow like dogs to the moon
Track Name: Acerb
He scratches his belly and yawns Martyr, toast. The sonnafabitch

Asphyxiation Crosshair, fuzzy skull

You will cross Who lies alone

Those who drift and hex the home